Foundations of Adult Learning Theory

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This course outlines the basics of Adult Learning Theory and principles to give participants the foundation to facilitate learning in professional development. Recommended participants are providers of professional development including trainers, providers of technical assistance, college instructors, course designers and subject matter experts for online courses.
6.4.g. Explores and integrates current trends and research-based practices to make and justify decisions

6.4.j. Engages and supports research opportunities
Trainer/TA CKCs
1.1.a. Understands adult learning theories and applies them when facilitating training and/or technical assistance for participants.
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Course Introduction
Module 1 - Overview of Adult Learning Theory
Module 2 - Andragogy - The Work of Malcolm Knowles
Module 3 - Other Adult Learning Theories
Module 4 - Adult Learning Theory and Professional Development
Course Closing
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