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Early Learning Standards Framework Overview

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This self-paced course overviews the WV Early Learning Standards Framework for ages infant to toddler and three to five. It will cover the meaning of standards, the history of the early learning standards, and the components of the standards.

1.1 Understands typical and atypical development and multiple factors that influence development from conception through infancy and early childhood
1.2 Applies the process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation to support children’s growth through developmentally appropriate practices
3.2 Practices appropriate child assessment

Additional Information

1. Identify standards found in everyday life.
2. Examine the benefits of having standards.
3. Recall the location of WV's Early Learning Standards Framework
4. Compare domains found in both the ELSF for toddlers and for ages 3 to 5
5. And design messaging that explains the benefits of the ELSF to caregivers, children, and parents.
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