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There are many benefits for learning and using the Environmental Rating Scale. Family Childcare, Facilities, and Centers will become knowledgeable on the different rating scales, what is the rating scale, and how to score their childcare environment using this instrument. 
4.4 Establishes a learning environment within group settings that is well organized and visually pleasing, and promotes reflection, extends learning, and encourages self-management and cooperation* (Relates to group settings)

a. Designs an environment to include:
  personal space for each child to ensure his/her sense of belonging and security
  both active and quiet spaces
  large muscle activity and movement spaces
  adequate space for walkways, as well as gathering and workspaces
  clear boundaries in the physical environment that help children know where centers begin and end
  appropriate child-sized furniture
  unobstructed views of all areas within the space
  space for child selected grouping
  space that is inviting to families
  private meeting space

b. Maintains a space that is clean, organized, and free of clutter
c. Selects materials that foster discovery, inquiry, imagination, creativity, and actively support a variety of goals
d. Organizes and places materials within children’s reach to promote engagement and learning
e. Uses visual signs, including pictures and word labels, to define play areas and storage of materials
f. Provides a variety of developmentally appropriate books, pictures, and print materials
g. Selects and organizes child related displays that are relevant and visually appealing
h. Adds or removes materials available related to children’s interests, development, level of stimulation, and curriculum content
I. Adapts materials to accommodate for children with special needs

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