Behavioral Consultant Summit

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During this 6 hour summit we will be discussing challenging behaviors, prevention measures, resources to help, and the detrimental affects of expulsion. We will also discuss how different experiences can impact caregivers as well as the children in care and how to support both the children and caregivers in building resilience.
1.1.h. Understands the impact of stress and trauma on a child’s development and supports families in reducing children’s exposure to stress
1.4.e. Creates an environment and provides strategies that help children:
     Manage strong emotions and calm themselves
     Focus their attention to remain actively engaged with activities and materials
     Read the signals of the environment to learn how to respond appropriately
     Cope with fear, anger, and frustration
     Use language to share their needs
     Consider the needs of others
     Use problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies
3.5.c. Uses ongoing assessment to ensure the environment, curriculum, guidance strategies, and approaches to learning meet children’s needs
4.2.a. Plans, implements, and adapts a supportive learning environment that promotes children’s safety, positive interactions, and behaviors
4.2.j. Uses positive guidance strategies to prevent challenging behavior from occurring and/or reoccurring
5.3.a. Maintains and follows emergency preparedness plans including updated emergency contact information
5.3.e. Reviews established emergency procedures and safety practices and updates, as necessary 
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