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Afterschool programs are designed to provide a safe place for students to explore their creativity, experience new things, and have positive interactions by building a sense of community.  Is your program ready for providing these things during the summer?  In this face-to-face training, we will cover the basics of a full day school age program.  Creating a full day schedule with intentional activities, routines and transitions along with rules and expectations can help make that time with them effective, inspiring and fun!

4.2 a. Plans, implements, and adapts a supportive learning environment that promotes children’s safety, positive interactions, and behaviors
4.2 b. Designs schedules that are predictable but flexible
4.2 d. Makes sure expectations for routines and tasks are clear and purposeful for all children
4.2 e. Teaches the steps involved in routines and tasks (i.e., repeats directions, provides visual support while giving directions, uses visual and/or verbal prompts to help children follow through when necessary)
4.2 g. Uses a variety of strategies to engage and maintain children’s attention and active participation

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